AAPSE Election 2017 - Opens - 6/1/17 (12:01 am EDT) - Closes - 6/30/17 (5:00pm EDT)

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American Association of Pesticide Safety Educators


2017 - FARGO, ND - July 23-26

Program Information Link at: http://aapse-fargo-2017.psep.us/


The AAPSE Nominations and Elections Committee (N&E) is pleased to announce the call for nominations for the 2017 Board of Directors (BOD). The call for nominations is now open and we are seeking candidates for the positions of Secretary, Treasurer and President-Elect. 


Service on the AAPSE BOD is a chance to help drive the decisions of our highly respected national association and shape the future of pesticide safety education. 

  • The President-Elect serves on the board for a total of six years (two as President-Elect, two as President, and two as Immediate Past President). 
  • The term of office for the Treasurer is two years - there is no limit on the number of consecutive terms the treasurer can hold. 
  • The term of office for Secretary is also two years and the elected official may serve two consecutive terms. 

For more information concerning the responsibilities associated with these positions, please review the attached PDF documents:   “Responsibilities of Officers and Others Serving in Official Capacity”and “By-Laws of the American Association of Pesticide Safety Educators”.  

Help lead your national association and profession into the future by nominating a colleague or yourself for the position of Secretary, Treasurer and/or President-Elect.  The nominee must be a Full or Life member in good standing (e.g., university, federal or state agency, industry, non-governmental organizations). Nominees cannot currently serve on the Nominations and Elections Committee (N&E) or AAPSE Executive Committee. No person shall be nominated without his or her consent.  The nomination process in fairly simple; submit a CV, candidate statement (attached), and photo to any member of the N&E Committee: 

The call for nominations closes on May 1st, 2017. Ballots will be distributed via the AAPSE listserv on June 1, 2017. Elections will close June 30, 2017. Successful candidates will be announced on/around July 7, 2017. These new officers will be installed at the AAPSE National Workshop in Fargo, ND -- July 23-27, 2017.

Please contact a member of the N&E Committee with any questions.



Thia Walker & Mike Weaver, Co-chairs of the Nomination & Election Committee