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Tribute to Elmo CollumElmo Collum

It is with great sadness that we learn of the passing of Elmo Collum of Mississippi State University. Elmo was an AAPSE member for 15 years. Many of us in the Southern region worked closely with him. To know Elmo was a joy. He was a wonderful person, a great Extension worker, and a dedicated and talented pesticide safety educator. With so many of us dealing with the sadness of his loss, I think the best way to offer a tribute to Elmo Collum is to share a couple of my favorite photos (below). They were taken at 2009 PACT in Charleston, SC.

We recently sent flowers and sympathy on behalf of AAPSE to Elmo's memorial service in Greenwood, MS. Ples Spradley and Kim Pope attended the service on behalf of the organization.

Mike Weaver, AAPSE President

bob & elmo

Bob Bellinger (left) and Elmo - Charleston, SC (2009)

Elmo, Ples & Fudd

Elmo, Ples Spradley, and Fudd Graham - Charleston, SC, 2009.

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