Officers and Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for interpreting the provisions of the AAPSE Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, entering into affiliation agreements, approving budgets, authorizing disbursements, formulating policies and advising the President on all matters concerning the Association. Except as otherwise provided, all decisions of the Board shall be reached by a majority of those voting. The quorum shall be as specified in the By-Laws. The Board may delegate such of its powers as it deems appropriate to the Executive Committee or its officers.

The Board of directors consists of the President, President-Elect, immediate past President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the two regional representatives from each USDA region. The President shall serve as the Chairman of the Board.

Position on the Board Name
President (through 2019) Kerry Richards
President-Elect (through 2019) Kim Pope
Immediate Past President (through 2019) Don Renchie
Treasurer (through 2019) Sonja B. Thomas
Secretary (through 2019) Betsy Buffington
Director, North Central Region (through 2017) Travis Cleveland
Director, North Central Region (through 2018) Frannie Miller
Director, Northeast Region (through 2017) Patricia Hastings
Director, Northeast Region (through 2018) Rachel Maccini
Director, Southern Region (through 2017) Ples Spradley
Director, Southern Region (through 2018) Faye Golden
Director, Western Region (through 2017) Michael Wierda
Director, Western Region (through 2018) Jolene Warnke-Roszel
AAPCO Liaison (Ex Officio) Ryan Williams
EPA Representative (Ex Officio) Kevin Keaney
USDA Representative (Ex Officio)