AAPSE Membership Database

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Name State/Province Country Region
Buhl, Kaci Oregon USA West
Buhler, Wayne North Carolina USA South
Buschle, Anthony Ohio USA North Central
Carlson, Colleen Minnesota USA North Central
Carrabba, James New York USA North East
Cervantes, Perry Texas USA South
Clark, Tonita Virginia USA South
Cleveland, Travis Illinois USA North Central
Clifton, Natalia Massachusetts USA North East
Cooke, Garnet Oregon USA West
Criswell, Jim Oklahoma USA South
Crow, Ed Pennsylvania USA North East
Curtoni-Lial, Ann California USA West
Daniels, Catherine Washington USA West
Denny, Kelly Arizona USA West
Dickinson, Richard New York USA North East
Dill, James Maine USA North East
Dowdle, Frank Florida USA South
Downey Blecker, Lisa California West
Edwards, Jeff Wyoming USA West
Feagans, John North Carolina South
Ferguson, Mary Kay Minnesota USA North Central
Fishel, Frederick Florida USA South
Fitz, Nancy District of Columbia USA North East
Flashinski, Roger Minnesota USA North Central