AAPSE Membership Database

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Name State/Province Country Region
Folck, Cindy Ohio USA North Central
Forti, Melanie District of Columbia North East
Foss, Carrie Washington USA West
Francis, Joshua Michigan USA North Central
Frank, Michelle Georgia USA South
French, Jason New Mexico USA West
Gardner, Ron New York USA North East
Gatton, Holly Virginia USA South
Gindele, Eli Minnesota USA North Central
Godfrey, Leslie South Carolina USA South
Golden, Faye Alabama USA South
Gordon, Laurie Oregon USA West
Grafft, Lamar North Carolina USA South
Graham, Lawrence ‘Fudd’ Alabama USA South
Gripp, Sharon Pennsylvania USA North East
Groth, Mark Missouri North Central
Hallman, Amy Oregon USA West
Hamilton, George New Jersey USA North East
Hamilton, George New Hampshire USA North East
Harlow, Erin Florida USA South
Harpster, Tracey Lynn Pennsylvania USA North East
Harrington, Eric New York USA North East
Harrison, Robert Nebraska USA North Central
Hastings, Patricia New Jersey USA North East
Haugen-Brown, Tana Minnesota USA North Central