AAPSE Membership Database

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Name State/Province Country Region
Hazelrigg, Ann Vermont USA North East
Helms, Michael New York USA North East
Hensley, Darrell Tennessee USA South
Herzfeld, Dean Minnesota USA North Central
Hipkins, Patricia Virginia USA South
Hirnyck, Ronda Idaho USA West
Hock, Winand Pennsylvania USA North East
Hurley, Kevin New York USA North East
Hurwit, Nick Oregon USA West
Hygnstrom, Jan Nebraska USA North Central
Impson, John District of Columbia USA North East
James, Tamara Florida USA South
Johnson, Barbara Minnesota USA North Central
Johnson, Jon Pennsylvania USA North East
Johnson, Veronica Maryland USA North East
Kachadoorian, Rose Oregon USA West
Kaminski, Chrissy Ohio USA North Central
Kard, Brad Oklahoma USA South
Kelner, Susan Ontario Canada North East
Ketchersid, Mary Texas USA South
Kick-Raack, Joanne Ohio USA North Central
King, Irene New Mexico USA West
Kinro, Gerald Hawaii USA West
Krieger, Robert California USA West
LaCanne, Claire Minnesota USA North Central