AAPSE Membership Database

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Name State/Province Country Region
Moseley, Carroll North Carolina USA South
Moses, Lindsey Washington USA West
Murray, Michael Wisconsin USA North Central
Nabors, John Alabama South
Nagamine, Charles Hawaii USA West
Nesheim, O. Norman Florida USA South
Nice, Glenn Wisconsin USA North Central
Nixon, Philip Illinois USA North Central
O'Connor-Marer, Patrick California USA West
Ogg, Clyde Nebraska USA North Central
Ogle, Cheryl California USA West
Olsen, Larry Michigan USA North Central
Ornelas, Manuel Washington USA West
Overton, Richelle Texas USA South
Padgett, Carrie California USA West
Parson, Rachel Virginia USA South
Patterson, Megan Maine USA North East
Penley, Jake Louisiana USA South
Peterson, Jack Arizona USA West
Pocock, Roger Connecticut USA North East
Pont, Richard District of Columbia USA South
Pope, Kim Louisiana USA South
Powell, Peggy West Virginia USA North East
Puckett, Greg Nebraska USA North Central
Ramon, Jaime Washington USA West