Nominations/Elections Committee

This committee seeks and nominates candidates for the offices of President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer. At least two candidates will be nominated for each office. No one may be nominated without their consent. A slate of candidates must be presented to the AAPSE Secretary at least 45 days prior to the election. A brief resume/candidate statement for each nominee must be sent to the Secretary at least 30 days prior to each election. The AAPSE President appoints the members of the Nominations and Elections Committee. The N&E committee will have five members: a member from each of the four AAPSE regions (NE, S, NC and W) and a Federal/Tribal representative. The immediate past president will co-chair the committee. Representation should include SLA and EPA (federal) members. Members should include a range of experience in the organization (new and long-term memberships). The N&E Committee is appointed at least six (6) months prior to elections.