AAPSE Update - December 2016



As 2016 comes to an end and we move into 2017 we look forward to achieving further significant accomplishments. As we reflect on 2016 we have seen success in the AAPSE organization that has allowed members to grow professionally and as pesticide safety educators. Some of the more significant events that took place include:

Membership by-laws:

Membership by-laws were amended by the By-laws Committee and were implemented in the spring of 2016. The membership status categories were changed to Full (voting) Member, Supporting (voting) Member, and Associate (non-voting) Member. Full membership is open to all persons interested in advancing the cause of pesticide safety education. Full members may receive publications, participate in regional and national meetings, hold office, serve as regional Board of Directors representatives, and serve on Association committees.A Supporting Membership is open to all full members who wish to support AAPSE at a higher financial level.

An Associate Member is a person interested in advancing the cause of pesticide safety education and who are first time members who want to explore potentialFull Membership. Associate members may receive publications, participate in regional and national meetings, and serve on Association committees. They may NOT hold office or serve as regional Board representatives. Associate membership is available for one renewable 2-year term for a maximum of 4-years eligibility Furthermore, by-law changes did NOT require an increase in membership dues.


Full (voting) Member:

($50/year, may pay up to 3 yrs.)


Supporting (voting) Member:

($100/year, may pay up to 3 yrs.)


Associate (non-voting) Member

~Available to new members only~

($25/year, may pay up to 2 yrs.)


SWAT Team:

A Pesticide Safety Education Center is proposed as the nation’s premier source of pesticide safety education for individuals who use pesticides or work where pesticides are used. The Center will be developed, administered and managed through a collaborative effort by state extension Pesticide Safety Education Programs (PSEP) Coordinators.


 The goals of the PSEP Center include:

I. A one-stop online national ‘landing platform’ for individuals seeking pesticide safety education.

II. Help sustain a national system of Cooperative Extension state PSEPS through revenue generation and sharing.

III. To support the more efficient use of state and national funds invested in pesticide safety educational product creation.


2017 AAPSE National Meeting:

Mark your calendar for the AAPSE Annual Meeting for July 25 and 26, 2017 in Fargo, North Dakota. The meeting will be a blend of Business/Board Meetings, committee activities, and professional improvement. Optional professional Improvement tours will be planned for Monday the 24 th and if there is sufficient interest, fishing in Northern Minnesota will be scheduled for Sunday the 23rd .  

If any members have suggestions for topics they wish to have discussed at the meeting please send your concerns to members of the AAPSE Executive Committee or Mr. Andrew Thostenson.


Lastly, on behalf of the AAPSE membership we would like to thank Dr. Mike Weaver and the Virginia Tech Pesticide Safety Education Program as well as Ms. Vickie Rengers and the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services team for hosting the 2016 AAPSE National meeting in Roanoke Virginia.


I hope each of you have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!