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AAPSE Listserv (Google Group after July 15, 2015)

NOTE:  The Listserv software at Virginia Tech is being phased out and all listserv functions have been moved to Google Groups. This took place on July 15, 2015. Using the old listserv address will work until July 1, 2016. All email will be forwarded to the new list. At that time however, the old listserv will go away. The AAPSE listserv archives will be transferred to a new archive for the Google group. This should be relatively transparent to users.

Additions: All new members are added to the listserv automatically upon joining AAPSE by the AAPSE Treasurer. The AAPSE Listserv is open to active AAPSE Members only. Members who have let their AAPSE membership lapse will be removed from the listserv within a few months of this lapse.

Changes: It is the member's responsibility to notify the Treasurer of any changes to your e-mail address. Any change in your e-mail address will cause the listserv to reject your posting. All mail will continue to be sent to your old address until the address is corrected. If you are seeking to be removed from the list, you may do so by, again, notifying the AAPSE Treasurer. PLEASE NOTE: The AAPSE Google Group is a closed list. Members cannot control the list by sending commands to it. All changes to the list are controlled by the AAPSE Treasurer and the List Manager.

Problem Resolution: If you are having problems with the listserv recognizing your e-mail address it is likely caused by a change in your e-mail address. In those cases, please direct your new address change to the AAPSE Treasurer. If this is NOT the case, please contact the AAPSE List Manager ( for assistance.

Reporting Misuse:The listserv has an established AAPSE Listserv User Policy to control misuse. Please read this policy carefully and if you have a concern associated with possible misuse, please direct your questions to the List Manager.

Sending Mail to the List: Direct your e-mail (from the e-mail address you provided to AAPSE for the listserv and directory) to:

Reviewing Mail Sent to the List: The list currently has an established archive. The archive is stored on the old Listserv Server at Virginia Tech -- the link is as follows: This will eventually be transferred to the Google group archive and new and old archives will be accessible at a new URL (TBA).

AAPSE Merchandise

Apparel and other items via Lands' End AAPSE Company Store

High-quality merchandise of a variety of types is available to order with the AAPSE logo and association name through Lands' End. Show pride in your work and in AAPSE!

Let your colleagues know of your professional affiliation!

Instructions: [ Detailed Instructions with Graphics (PDF) ]

  1. Select a category to start shopping or use the search tool.
  2. Click on the item until you see one of the ordering grids show. Choose color, size, and enter the quantity needs in the appropriate box. Click CONTINUE.
  3. Logo application page - use the drop down arrow to select the correct logo. Location defaults to left side of chest. Click CONTINUE to the shopping bag.
  4. Shopping bag - You may either continue shopping and repeat the above steps or proceed to check out. You may also use the "special request" link here to communicate special instructions about your order.
  5. Checkout - After filling in the shipping address you will be taken to the billing page. A billing address (where to send your receipt) MUST be entered. Fill in Credit Card information and email address to submit your order.
  6. If you have any questions or changes to your order, please call 1-800-338-2000 and reference the online order number given when your order was submitted. An order confirmation will be emailed when we start the embroidery process (1-2 days after you submit your order) and a shipped notice will be sent when your order ships.  Please expect delivery within 12-14 business days for customized products.

Using the AAPSE Logo

WEB Quality

To download either of these logos: right click (Windows), control-click (Mac) on the image and choose to save the image.

PRINT Quality

The AAPSE logos package includes: 3" jpg, 3" tif, 6" jpg, 6" tif, 12" jpg, 12" tif, 24" jpg, and 24" tif.

AAPSE logo package 1.5MB ZIP archive

To download individual logos: right click (Windows), control-click (Mac) on the link and choose to save the file.
3" JPG - 148 KB 3" TIF - 696 KB
6" JPG - 280 KB 6" TIF - 2.5MB
12" JPG - 632 KB 12" TIF - 10.1 MB
24" JPG - 1.6 MB 24" TIF - 40.6 MB

Templates for Presentations and Correspondence

Download Adobe Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view PDF files. Links to PDF files on this website are usually followed by a [PDF] designation.

Download Abobe Acrobat Reader at

AAPSE PowerPoint Template (2012)644.84 KB
AAPSE Word Letterhead Template (2012)96.49 KB
How to place on Estore order with CreditCards.pdf415.17 KB